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Wendy Silverstein

Wendy Silverstein is a former editor at Architecural Digest, Home, Kitchen & Bath Customer Planner, and Home/Style magazines. A consultant to the design industry, she works closely with interior designers, architects and other professionals in the field.

Hardwood in the Bathroom

When it comes to choosing surface materials for the bathroom, most people think tile or, budget permitting, marble. But an increasing number of savvy designers and... read more

Tulipwood Down Under

This year, our sister organization, the American Hardwood Export Council, sponsored an intriguing collaboration with eight of Australia’s most highly regarded young... read more

On Show: Hardwood at ICFF

Each May, design aficionados like me look forward to the annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York, a four-day extravaganza where more than... read more

Hardwood Screen Gems

A slatted or openwork screen can be a marvelous way to divide a room or create a defined space without making it feel claustrophobic. And if the screen or partition is... read more

Framed in Hardwood

Getting art and photography professionally framed can be ruinously expensive. A number of online custom framing services are helping bring down the sky-high prices... read more

American Red Oak in London

I was very interested to learn the following about red oak from our sister organization, the American Hardwood Export Council: The European market must, till now, have... read more

Hickory Takes a Bath

There are always interesting discoveries to be made at KBIS, the annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, but one installation really got my attention at this January’s... read more

Hardwood Goes to the Fair

Each fall I look forward to attending Field & Supply, a modern interpretation of a traditional arts and crafts fair held annually at various locations in upstate New... read more


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American Hardwood Information Center
American Hardwood Information Center18 hours ago
October 21-27 is National Forest Products Week! Join us by following #ForestProductsWeek!


17 hours ago
October 21-27 is National Forest Products Week! Join us by following #ForestProductsWeek! AmericanHardwds photo

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